Patient Testimonials

  • Recent Patient

    I was experiencing calf pain, likely from over-training that prevented me from running after a few miles.

    The therapy & treatments targeted the specific areas that were in pain. The sharp pain eased right after the dry needling and was replaced by a little muscle soreness/ tightness that wore off after several days of active recovery runs. 

    I had 2 weeks before the USATF 100k championship and had to walk home from a training run. After Verrelle’s treatment I was able to run normally after a few days and compete in the race without pain. I don’t think I would have finished the race (let alone win) without his help. 

    I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone (athlete or not). Being able to get back to doing what you enjoy pain-free and quickly is priceless.

    Recent Patient

  • Recent Patient2

    I went to Verrelle to address chronic lower back and neck pain.

    Verrelle performed dry needling in conjunction with physical therapy and the “neubie” machine which dramatically reduced my symptoms/pain and gave me more flexibility and movement.

    Verrelle is extremely knowledgeable and explains the treatment he performs in a clear and concise manner – I would highly recommend Verrelle as a physical therapist and his variety of treatments have given me long lasting relief from my chronic lower back and neck pain.

    Recent Patient

  • Anjanette Zampino

    I came to Physio Balance & Sports Performance for elbow pain. I knew that I needed correction with my exercise/workouts. The therapy was tough, but eye-opening at the same time. From the first appointment, treatments worked and there was relief for my pain.  Since treatment, I can pick up the peanut butter jar without elbow pain. I have and will continue to recommend Verrelle for anyone seeking physical therapy. Not only has he helped the visible issue but he has helped me correct others I didn’t know were causing the pain in the first place.

    Anjanette Z.

  • In October 2018 I was a passenger in the back seat of a truck when we hit a telephone pole going estimated 50mph. Luckily we are all okay but my training came to a dead stop. It was my third severe whiplash. I also had other past injuries I was coping with; knee pain and ankle. I was in constant pain. Finally, I listened to my trainer and made an appointment.

    The first few times we met we did some dry needling, cupping, worked on breathing, etc. The third session was my body scan with new stimulation technology, Neubie. When he hit muscles that were not activated, I knew. It was by far one of the coolest, eye-opening experiences in terms of how my body was functioning. We learned that my back muscles weren’t the main issue for my whiplash. That the muscles in my; arms, shoulders, and lats where creating issues that affected my entire body, even my knee. The Neubie taught me how to zero in on each muscle and how to control that exact muscle to do what I wanted. (Like, work properly!!) it also taught me how to use my entire muscle. Verrelle released me after 10 sessions (In January) with the Neubie. It literally took him two months to help me mend injuries I probably had for years. Mind-blowing.

    It was a total of 3 months that I could only weight train at 20% or less effort. I came back lifting almost the same weight prior to my accident. My movements are smoother with a lot more control. I still work with a trainer to help me keep those inactivated muscles active, and teaching my body that we are not going to allow them to be lazy. If I wouldn’t have worked with Verrelle I wouldn’t have seen the value in this. I am getting so much more from each movement I do, Verrelle has helped me understand my body on a level I couldn’t imagine. I no longer have knee or ankle pain. It’s amazing truly amazing how a few months has changed my life!I am an average 35 year old mom. I am not training for the olympics, for a fitness competition, or a sport. I am training for life. I want run around with my babies, and show them a healthy active lifestyle without being in pain.

    Yes!! There are no words to explain everything I learned from working with Verrelle. I have been told before to “focus on your muscle”. I never understand what true muscle focus could do for your body. I have been to physical therapy before. I have been told I will need a knee replacement, to take meds, prescribed meds, to do different exercises, etc. All I really needed was the right technology and the right physical therapist! Before you do something invasive, take meds, or live in pain… you must try this!

    Ashley F.

  • What brought me to the practice is injuries acquired from 30+ years of performing. The last 10 years I toured extensively as a professional with a physically demanding tour schedule, which at times I had to work through the pain. Now as a runner I came to the clinic because I feel important to correct these years of imbalances and keep everything refined.

    The therapy and treatment is A-1 second to none. Over the years I have done many different forms of treatment but what Physio Sports and Balance offers is no fluff to the point treatment where you feel the results for the better. Verrelle knows what he is doing and service is always friendly, professional and courteous.

    My life has improved because after being injured for a couple of months, I was running again. When I recreationally perform my mobility is good. No more hesitation to move certain ways.

    I would absolutely recommend this practice and have been. Verrelle is not a doctor who uses a bandaid fix. He works to correct the root of issues. Great stuff with no fluff.

    Forrest W.